1) 2Exam4 for lets you take and create Exams.

The 2Exam4 Cloud Catalog; lets you take web-enabled exams, that were made available by industry experts. To create Exams and upload them to the 2Exam4 Cloud, click the tab 'Create your own Exam'. To take an exam proceed to '2) Choose an exam from the 2exam4 Cloud Catalog.

2) Choose an exam from the 2exam4 Cloud Catalog.

  1. OSX

3) Type your email address: your results will be mailed to you, 'Click Start Exam'.

Please input your Email address below, your score will be emailed.

Type your email address and click 'Start Exam', this email address () is not valid.

To create exams follow the steps below.

Download our app.

Create your own exams in minutes, just download the 2exam4 app (Windows, Linux or Mac OSX). Start the app by double clicking it. Our stand alone app requires the Java Runtime Environment (1.7). It is free, like free beer; and when using our tool exams are shared with our community.

Update the catalog

Update the catalog by clicking update.

Select a test from the drop down list

There are multiple exams to choose from, if you design an exam and submit it for review, it will be uploaded to the cloud and other users will be able to download and take your exam.

Choose a Mode

To create a test choose Design mode.

  • Certification Mode, this is exam mode.
  • Learning Mode, you have the option to see what the correct answers are.
  • Design Mode, create your own exam.

Start designing a 2Exam4-exam.

Type a question, answers and check the correct answer(s) and choose a question type. Optionally fill out a general explanations or an explanation per answer.

To save your new 2Exam4-exam

Click End2Exam4; this will save it in our cloud, to publish it email: support@2exam4.com

Corporate Cloud2exam4 is cloud enabled; All users may take 2exam4 exams, and designed exams are automatically uploaded to the 2exam4 cloud.

As a corporate option we offer Private Cloud Offerings; your own instance of 2exam4 for your company, educational institution or public agency. For details contact support@2exam4.com

For questions or corporate options, email us at support@2exam4.com